The farm is located in an area with characteristic conditionsfor the making of great wines, in the centre of the Gorizia Hills. On 5 ha of vineyards, partly on Italian land, we mainly produce white wines. The terrain is hilly with an inclination of 25% to 40%. All vineyards are planted with grass without the use of herbicides and artificial fertilizers. The growth of the grapevines therefore calms down and builds up a resistance towards diseases and pests. The work in the vineyard is done by hand (winter pruning, green work in the summer and the harvesting). In such vineyards, the yield per hectare is lower and the quality of the grapes in ensured, as they stay on the vine until ripeness and are then harvested by hand. That is also reflected in our wines, which are full and abundant with minerals. The white wines we produce include White Pinot, Malvasia, white Brandulin (made from indigenous white grapes), but very important are also the indigenous types, those being Ribolla Gialla and Jordano. The only red wine is red Brandulin, which is made of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. It is bottled only after laying in a barrel for four years.












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